About our trainings

Our company is a registrated Adult Educator Institution (Adult Education registry number: B/2020/001617) that offers trainings that increase the corporate performance efficiency mainly for large and mid-size companies in the topics of Labor Law, HR, Labor Law and HR audit methodology, Intercultural management, Payroll and IT knowledges, Biohacking – as shaping and maintaining the employee’s general health in modern senses.

1. Modular HR and Labor Law (9 days of training)

2. Modular Intercultural Management (3-5 days of training)

      • Japan (in Japanese, Hungarian and English)
      • Spanish speaking South America (in Spanish and English)
      • France (in French and English)
      • Germany (in German, Hungarian and English)
      • India (in English and Hungarian)
      • Sweden (in Swedish, Hungarian and English)
      • Denmark (in Danish, Hungarian and English)
      • Norway (in Norwegian, Hungarian and English)
      • Scandinavia (in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian and English)
      • Hungary (in Hungarian and English)

3. Other Intercultural Management trainings:

      • Intercultural Management Crash Course (2 days of training)
      • Living and Working in a Foreign Culture (2 days of trainings)
      • Establishment and Management of Business Relationships between Foreign Cultures (1 day training)

4. Vertical Excel: Excel in a different way (1 day training)

      • Crash course (half day training)
      • For Executives and Managers (1 day training)
      • Excel for all (1 day training)

5.  Global Payroll (1 day training)

      • Payroll for Managers 
      • Payroll for practising Accountants

6. Methodology of Labour Compliance Audit (9 days of modular training)

7. System based HR trainings:

      • Remuneration Management (2 days of training)
      • Corporate Training Consultant (2 days of training)

8. Other HR and Labor Law trainings:

      • Labor Law solution for handling the corporate challenges caused by the corona virus (1 day training)
      • Layoff (1 day training)

9. Biohacking 1.0

      • Eating
      • Sleeping
      • Doing Sports
      • Entrainment

For more information about our trainings, please inquire at the following e-mail address: