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BAc & Company's main partners are:


CEO, partner, Head of Japan Desk
Japanologist, labor law consultant, Management and HR consultant, author of the first labor compliance audit program in Hungary
Graduated at ELTE University, Kyoto University, Japan; studied at: Warsaw University, Poland, Okayama University Japan, Krakow University, Poland,

Postgraduate studies: Pécs University (labor law), Presently: Studying law at Pécs University
Over 10 years spent in top management of multinational companies, participation in two Japanese green field investments.

Main publications:


BALOGH Monika: Labour compliance audit. Budapest, Wolters Kluwer, 2015.

A munkaügyi compliance audit” (currently in Hungarian only)


“Compliance audit, the XXI’th century’s challenge, HR és munkajog
“Working time regulations and labor law”, HR és munkajog
„Characteristics of labor compliance audit”, HR és munkajog
„People and systems”, HR és munkajog
„Sic transit gloria mundi operarum...” (about the termination of labor contract), HR és munkajog
“The new Labor Code with the eye of the employer”, HR és munkajog
“Hard law, soft law, compliance”, HR és munkajog
„On termination of employment contract” (In Japanese language)
„Individualism and team-base thinking” (In Japanese language)
„The management of Japanese companies within cultural differences” (In Japanese language)
“The corporate training, as an investment” (In Japanese language)

Dr. Szilvia PORPACZY
Graduated at Pecs University (MA), Lawyer specialized in Labor law and Company law

The law firm was established in 1992. It is specialized in Labor law and EU law. They also have great experience in business law, real estate law, collective barganing agreements, bankruptcy issues and some exotic field of law like shooting.

The law office has long term partnership and time-to-time engagements with both small, medium and large size private companies, also with local and territorial governmental organizations. They are working in partnership with two other law offices in order to cover other law fields and to provide full legal service.

HR services and trainings

Graduated at Corvinus Budapest University (BA), Pecs University (MA), 10 year of experience as head of HR, member of high management: 5 years in the production (automotive) industry, 5 years in online and print media.
Owner of an HR consultancy agency since 2009.

Boglarka BALOGH
International relations, foreign languages

Graduated at ELTE University Budapest (MA), Teacher at Central European University
Language trainer at Central European University Budapest. Degrees in German and History at Eötvös Lóránd University Budapest, guest student at the universities in Jena (Germany), Heidelberg (Germany) and Bristol (UK). More, than 10 years experience in managing translational, interpretional works and trainings.

Graduated at ELTE University Budapest (MA), Trainer, coach, writer

Judit Herman is a certified trainer, life coach and author. She graduated with a university degree in English language and literature. She has completed a trainers’ certification course in 2008 – 2009, and completed two courses on life coaching in 2009. She is currently qualified to work with groups as well as individuals. As a full time trainer and coach she holds courses for groups as well as provides individual coaching for clients.
She is the author of three books, two published in Hungarian ("Your Own Way" published in 2011 on proactivity on the job market and proactive job seeking techniques; "On the way to Richness" published in 2012 on financial independence and financial intelligence) and one to be published in English at the end of 2012 under the title "Your Own Way". She is currently working on her third book to be published in 2013.



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