HR and labor law in practice

New education program on the market on the demand of our valued clients


HR and Labor law in practice

For block leaders, supervisors, area leaders/managers, area assistants, associates

At small size and medium size companies of low employee number where legal department is not established and/or HR department has limited capacities to educate its employees for general Labor law rules and practices, we provide the necessary knowledge to solve daily problems on their field of work.

At big size and multinational companies with huge employee number and lots of departments working together usually there is no real possibility for HR to solve and answer every kind of questions of leaders and employees regarding organization of work or labor law related items. However, all departments have to handle problems affected by labor law during their daily work. Our education program helps to acquire the necessary knowledge of labor and HR for the everyday tasks.

Do you have problem with:
- Issuance of holiday,
- Handling of extraordinary work,
- Issuance of resting time,
- Solving disciplinary cases?

Our education program is suitable to provide prompt and effective solution for the most frequent problems of labor law related issues during the daily work.

It significantly supports the work of HR department and reduces its workload.

Through the improvement of the knowledge pool of company’s organization enables to prevent possible fines of the Hungarian Labor Inspectorate.

We give a quick guide for the adoption of New Hungarian Labor Code into practice.

We also share a lots of real life examples to demonstrate possible resolutions of the already existing problems and deviations in the organization.

In order to ensure, that all staff on all field make the same decisions in every cases and that it will be the good and law-complied one.

6 independently achievable education modules
1 module = 1 education day (5×60 minutes)
from 29.990 HUF / education module /person at external training hall


independent form the number of attendees from 349.000 HUF at your company site

Our trainers: labor law professionals, jurists, HR professionals with multinational company background.

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