Mediation and conflict handling

We provide this kind of service especially for persons working with Hungarians in the local branch of their multinational company.

The way of thinking and problem solving of Hungarians can be dramatically different from the ways, which are common for other countries. It is all about cultural differences, but it can be hard to understand people’s reactions. Why they do not follow our plan, why they lose their motivation or even became resistant to our aims, why they do not understand our goals, why they behave completely different to our expectations, etc. It causes unfavorable business results when the targets are not reached, or there are unexpected losses, which have to be reported and explained to the HQ.

If you have ever seen these symptoms in your company organization, or you just feel that you sometimes do not fully understand your local workers’ reactions, our company is happy to assist you to examine the situation and give you the right tools to reach better cooperation and result at your department or company.

Although we offer this service mainly to strengthen internal communication and to ensure productive verbal business flow, we are also happy to assist you in all other life situations, when you or your family members require assistance.