Our partners

BAc & Company's main partners are:

CEO, partner, Head of Japan Desk
Japanologist, labor law consultant, Management and HR consultant, author of the first labor compliance audit program in Hungary

Main publications:

BALOGH Monika: Labor Compliance Audit. Budapest, Wolters Kluwer, 2015. (in Hungarian)

„Characteristics of labor compliance audit.” HR és Munkajog.
„Sic transit gloria mundi operarum... (employment termination).” HR és Munkajog. (in Hungarian)
“Hard law, soft law, compliance.” HR és Munkajog.
„The management of japanese companies in an intercultural setup” (in Japanese)
“Labor compliance audit” (in Japanese)

 Dr. Balázs KIGLICS
Labor law, contract law

Dr. Szilvia PORPACZY
Labor law and Company law

Boglarka BALOGH
International relations, foreign languages

Trainer, coach, writer