HR systems

Our company‚Äôs major officers and specially selected HR specialists have a great experience in building up, developing and also reconstructing complete HR systems of small, mid-size or large companies. Our company has experience in operation of many kinds of HR and administrational systems and regulations like internal regulations, CSR, incentives, compliance and others. 


We can establish systems from zero, or review all of your existing HR systems such as salary systems, motivation system, cafeteria, company internal communication structure, evaluation, rewarding and bonus management, training system and others.



The scope of our services includes a revision of existing HR models, salary levels of employees and evaluation methods, employee selection standards for especially leader and key position employees, selection techniques of new employees, measurement of commitment levels and motivation levels towards the company.


As a result of an HR system audit, we can propose a development plan for all the key areas, where improvement is necessary in order to ensure a more efficient and more consistent operation.  Our professional HR development services are provided in several languages for our clients, including Japanese.




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