Intercultural services

Many of our clients have experienced that in multinational companies, where employees from several countries work together, not only have a language barrier but also certain cultural differences that make company life difficult.

The basic non-understanding of different cultural behaviours can lead to inefficient work results, creation of unhealthy working environment, high level of demotivation, inappropriate selection and promotion of employees and leaders, high costs of employment and finally serious fluctuation problems.

We believe that the profit of a company can be increased and cost levels can be decreased through full support of human creativity and motivated employees,  but to do so, the HR model has to be sculptured periodically as close as possible to an ideal state. The very basis of this process is to create a stable base platform for a multicultural environment where employees work closely together in proper understanding for the interest of the company.

BAc & Company is ready to assist our clients in cross-cultural mediation, trainings (for expatriates and local staff as well) and conflict handling.

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