Why are intercultural management trainings helpful?

What do you see on the picture?

If a picture can be interpreted in so many ways then what about the different situations at the workplace, especially if it is a multicultural one?

Those who have worked in a multicultural environment could have experienced, that the exact same thing can be seen in many different ways.

WE CAN HELP: if you are working at a multinational company and you would like to understand the reactions of your foreigner colleagues and their working culture to reach a more efficient cooperation.

Come and participate in our Intercultural Training!

Well-thought-out and tested training program with 4 different content and goal in more than 10 cultures, curriculum built up in accordance with companies’ requirements; professional team; lecturers with a lot of experiences; great atmosphere; successful learning within exclusive environment.

For more info: https://bacsco.com/en/intercultural-management/

Are you interested in intercultural management?

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In the intercultural communication it is one of the most important things to make sure we understand the same thing under the same words. In this post we are sharing our experiences regarding the different meanings of "flexibility".

We would like to highlight the neccessity of intercultural services through this post too, especially for multinational companies.

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