How much time does it take to implement the EES?

First: the time and energy investment to implement a system like this is quite significant (8-12 months) even for a relatively small organization (100-150 employee number), for companies with 4000-5000 number of employees even bigger (minimum 1-2 years).

This means: we should only start implementing this system if we have enough resources to elaborate, implement and perfect it, and also we have the strength to apply it consistently to reach results.

Our clients said:

We thought it was never going to end…

We’ve almost given up until we finally started to see results.

If we knew this was going to be that much work even with working together with expert consultants, we probably wouldn’t have even started it.

We did not believe this would need so much time and energy. First, we’ve felt only exhaustion, but now we are honestly happy that we did it. It is a big victory and success.

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