What do we need to look out for better efficiency when we are planning to implement the EES?

It is extremely important to implement a new evaluation (brand-new or modified) system based on our well-grounded knowledge about the characteristics of the current corporate culture. Preparing and informing the employees, involving the managers in the preparation process can not only shorten the implementation time with months, but even the “natural resistance” of the company shall be significantly smaller, which makes our work a lot easier.

Implementing the EES is a task to be executed by the whole management, not only the HR department. The latter is only needed for managing the project based on their best knowledge and experience.                 

Our clients said:

We thought, that this kind of system is implemented in all companies with more or less the same method and contents, but now we can see, that the local corporate culture, behavioral and system problems, furthermore the employee structure shall and will lead our thoughts into a whole different direction giving completely new contents and characteristics to our evaluation system.

If there wouldn’t have been a monthly meeting, also a coaching for the managers, and if we wouldn’t have involved them in the shaping process of their subordinates’ evaluation system, there wouldn’t be anyone to operate it.

All the managers shall put their time and their work into the preparation process as well, even if it is hard, otherwise you shouldn’t even start implementing such a system.

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