Why is it useful to simultaneously go through the HR and labour law aspects of the same processes?

  • COMPLEX UNDERSTANDING: You will see our processes in a complex way within their context. This way you will be able to make good decisions much faster and safer after thorough consideration.

  • GLOBAL MANAGEMENT: In the future you will be able to take into consideration not just the labour regulations, or just the HR or management aspects during your operation, but all of those simultaneously and you will be able to do so on a system-level.

  • ACKNOWLEDGING THE CONNECTION POINTS: You will be able to identify exactly which HR and management processes, precisely where / at how many points / in what way are connected to the related labour regulations.

  • REMOVING BLIND SPOTS: In a short amount of time you will be able to recognize fully those processes, fields of activity and related labour risks, that you may have not given the necessary attention previously.

  • REDUCING BUSINESS RISKS: It can help you to significantly reduce your business- and labour risks.

  • DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF GLOBAL STRUCTURES: During the training we shall approach the task and problems related to the corporate operation from two directions. This way we will reach to a much deeper understanding about the connection points of the corporate management and labour law, and also about the logic of operating those efficiently and in compliance with each other.

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