How many evaluation systems are needed at one company?

Before starting to work on your evaluation system it is crucial to reexamine the company’s organizational structure, the structure of job groups and also the characteristics of each job groups or employee groups.

At this step, we need to decide primarily, which job groups or which employee groups we would like to evaluate in a different way from each other. To judge this realistically we need to examine the requirements of each job groups and also the competencies, that are required to fill those positions.

  • Is it possible to name concrete goals to a given evaluation period for each job group or not?
  • How many and what kind of competencies can we assemble for each job groups?
  • What should be the rate of the evaluated competencies and goals when evaluating the employee?
  • What kind of realistic possibilities do we have to evaluate objectively and effectively each competency and also in order to get a realistic picture of the employee’s performance in the given job group?

If we are done with that, we should be able also to clarify relatively fast if we need to create 1, 2 or 3 evaluation categories when implementing the evaluation system. After that all we need to think about is how to create an evaluation system that can objectively reflect ourselves and other people the performance, behavior and attitude of each employee and manager.

In our next post we shall provide some tips to help with those latter questions.

Our clients said:

We were convinced, that our job descriptions are clear and easily understood, but when we started to implement the evaluation system and thought about how many different evaluation systems we are going to need, we realized that indeed, we will need to start with recomposing our organization and redesigning our job structure.

At first we thought why complicate this, one system is just fine, but then we realized that we cannot use the same evaluation structure for every job family. Now we are using 3 evaluation module instead of one.

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