How will become the evaluation objective?

It is for sure that all of us have already seen evaluation criteria, better said, competencies to be evaluated like accuracy, reliability, precision, due diligence, responsibility, innovation, proactivity, following the rules etc.  The question is can we examine the performance shown in these competencies? Or in other words can we access the level of compliance to expectations defined by the employer through these competencies? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no, at least surely not in this form.

Of course, we are not suggesting, that the expectations beyond the above competencies are not relevant, important or realistic, but how can we give objectively a 5 or a 2 for e.g. the diligence of the employee?

The good news is that, we do not need to throw out those competencies in the end. The bad news on the other hand is, that in order to save them and use them properly a long and thorough preparation shall be necessary. We can agree, that this preparation is going to be that stage of our evaluation system, which shall require the most work, examination and attention. Among others, we need to assess the existing personal and professional problems in our company, the job tasks that are accompanied by biggest problems, the most harmful behavioral forms, the gravest source of conflicts, etc.

Next, we need to define very accurately those 5, 7, 8, 10 etc. competencies per employee groups that are truly important for our organization. It takes even bigger work to define accurately what kind of behavior, capacity, performance, etc. belongs to the values of each competency.

If you do not feel, that you have enough time, energy, will or commitment to do this job, we suggest you to stop the evaluation system implementation project at this stage, at least until you have enough energy again to restart it.

We are happy for you if you have not given up at this point. Congratulations!

In our next post, we are going to help you with setting proper goals.

Our clients said:

We have never had as many problems with any other HR system before, but looking back now, being more relaxed, we definitely believe, it was worth it. The results, we have gained from the system by this stage can be used for other purposes too, for example for organizational development, identifying labour law troubles, solving working time management problems or achieving cost reduction. We wish you similar success, dear HR colleagues!

We were told many times at this stage that it was going to be hard, but we never believed it. It was a huge mistake of ours.

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