Competencies OK, but why?

The word ‘competency’ is already worn-out almost until total boredom. We see it, hear it and use it everywhere, the question is, do we use it correctly? Do we use it in a way that serves our interests in the best way?

The key to an effective Employee Evaluation System is to assign competences to our well-developed evaluation process, that fit the best our corporate organization, are well-thought over and understood in their depth too. Actually the competencies are the ones, what fill our Evaluation System with real content, but only if they are properly defined and if all evaluating and evaluated personnel within the company are aware of the real meaning beyond each competency. It is important that not only the colleagues that work in the implementation process, but also all other colleagues know what are the expectations towards them. They shall be aware of what kind of behavior, attitude they have to show, what kind of performance they must achieve during work to reach a certain grade in the upcoming evaluations. They shall be informed also about how they can improve their performance in the next evaluation period.

The well-defined and understood evaluation criteria which naturally shall include the competencies too will in every case be important catalysators of growing the motivation and commitment level towards the workplace, since those are the ones ensuring that the employer foresee, calculate and plan their overall status, make proper decisions in certain cases if not other, the remuneration- and career management- related ones.

Beyond the above, a well-built competency system, that fits to the actual corporate conditions, challenges, job structures, etc. and a competency-based evaluation system are essential parts of the continual growth of the organization.

The statistic module built into the Bac EES system shall help you with monitoring the performance of several employee groups, corporate units or even the whole organization (in customizable resolution). With the help of that you shall be able also to define the nature and the exact place of any under- or overperformance within the company, creating a reliable basis to reveal the actual problems and to ensure continuous growth.

Of course that is true only if the competencies were properly defined…

You can always ask the help of our expert team in working-out and implementing the Employee Evaluation System! With us, it is a lot easier.

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