Available again: HR and Labour Law and Labour Compliance Audit trainings!

Our Labour Compliance Audit and modular HR and Labour Law trainings have an unbroken popularity ever since 2015 when we first started these trainings. At the beginning, these trainings were organized by University of Pécs and Wolters Kluwer Ltd., but since 2020 the hosting of those trainings was transferred to Bac & Co. Ltd.

Although the curriculum of the trainings was constantly developed, the basic content was only modified in accordance with the changes of the related legal regulations. Also the lecturers remained the same since the very start, which means that you can still deepen your knowledge with the help of such outstanding experts as Dr. Gyula Berke, Dr. Zoltán Bankó, Dr. Zoltán Petrovics and others.

If you would like to get a more complex, global understanding of exactly where and to what extent the labour law determines your management, HR, legal, payroll or other administrative processes and systems; if you would like to create, operate and monitor those processes in the most efficient way, and you also would like to see and define the labour law regulations in such a bigger context, as an integrated part of the corporate organization apply to our:

Modular HR and Labour Law training

The Methodology of Labour Compliance System Training!

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In this post we are explaining why it is useful and what you can win if you know both the HR and labour law aspects of the same processes.

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