Biohacking: What can I expect from this presentation if I participate as a Private person?

Nowadays we are surrounded by a lot of noise as a consequence of the permanent information stream, that we can find on the internet and social media, especially about topics like healthy lifestyle. A lot of people are engaged in finding the correct way of eating and living, and it is not an exaggeration to say, that they all can be representing a different kind of opinion or experience. Reading and hearing all of those, it is truly very hard to decide which one we should choose, try out, so to say, which is the most reliable voice among them.

That is why there’s no doubt that You are also wondering why you should choose us, our presentation and the principles our presenters stand for. Before you make a decision, you should know that we’ve used the most modern and most significant research results, that were published in the recent years.

As you might have also experienced, in today’s world the medical recommendations are modified or even overthrown one after another, such as the recommended amount of D vitamin, sugar or carbs one should take in. We are trying to follow those changes, so that we can provide you with informations that are scientifically proven.

Our presenter, who is also a certified nutritional consultant is closely working together with known doctors and biochemists from different fields in order to present a viewpoint, that is both medically and biochemically correct.

Our presentation is also unique in its field, because we are introducing not only lifestyle tipps, but also a „lifestyle package” that is possible to follow even when you have a busy daily schedule regularly.

In the present post we’ve collected a few questions that we are certainly giving answer to during our presentation.

What can I expect from this presentation if I participate as a Private person?

  • What should I look out for in the supermarkets when I’m buying food?
  • How can I sort out my meals?
  • What should or should not I eat: zero toleration list
  • How can I avoid overweight in the long term?
  • Is it truly good for my system to eat whole grain foods?
  • Is milk healthy?
  • Should I eat a lot of fruits or should I rather press the juice out of them? And what about smoothies?
  • How does vegetable oils affect my heart? Should I cook with vegetable oil?
  • In the midst of all those noises, which one is the credible voice? Who should I listen to if it is about eating and lifestyles and why?
  • Which type of exercise is the most suitable for me?
  • What kind of exercises can I do even at the workplace?
  • How does my environment (lights, the quality of my sleep) affect my health?
  • Which are the easy things, I can do for my health starting tomorrow?

If the above mentioned have piqued your interest, contact us without hesitation!

Think about your health, yourself, your family and participate in our Biohacking presentation!

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