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Our company was established to provide our clients the highest quality of consulting services in the field of management, HR, labour law, and intercultural management with a new approach.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the full range of consulting services required by the Hungarian business environment in 4 languages, taking into account the “diversity” resulting from cultural differences. The specialty of our services is that our expert colleagues have socialized and trained in a multinational corporate environment and most of them have senior management experience. Therefore, our services are characterized by a multidirectional, complex approach, in which includes not only the consultant, but also the management and operational mentality.

Our company also has a Japan Desk service, where all our business solutions and tools are fully accessible in Japanese.

Our Team


Balogh Mónika

Munkajogi Szakokleveles Tanácsadó

Japán vállalati kultúra szakértő

Multinacionális nagyvállalati felsővezetői tapasztalat

General Manager

Dr Kiglics Balázs

Munkajog, Társasági jog, Szerződések

Multinacionális nagyvállalati vezetői tapasztalat

Senior Consultant

Katona Rita

Ügyfélkapcsolatok, Hivatali Kapcsolattartás

Multinacionális nagyvállalati vezetői tapasztalat

HR and Training Consultant

Muth Barbara

HR, Általános Ügyek

Japan Desk