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Our company was established to provide our clients the highest quality of consulting services in the field of management, HR, labour law, and intercultural management with a new approach.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the full range of consulting services required by the Hungarian business environment in 4 languages, taking into account the “diversity” resulting from cultural differences. The specialty of our services is that our expert colleagues have socialized and trained in a multinational corporate environment and most of them have top management experience. Therefore, our services are characterized by a multidirectional, complex approach, in which includes not only the consultant, but also the management and operational mentality.

Our company also has a Japan Desk service, where all our business solutions and tools are fully accessible in Japanese.

Our main services

Bac Eduline

Among corporate trainings, our company specializes in the following fields: Intercultural Management, HR and Labour Law related trainings, strategic Payroll and Excel trainings.

Employee Evaluation System

Integrated and automatized employee's performance evaluation system built up and structured according to the unique needs and follow-up methods of the client.

Labour Compliance Audit

Process and system based Labour Law, Labour Affairs and HR Audit executed from a management point of view: the key to the continual improvement

Our Management

Balázs Kiglics, Dr.

Managing Director

Legal Affairs (Labour Law, Corporate Law, Contracts)

Customer Relations

Multinational, Top Management Experience

Monika Balogh

Operations Director

Certified Labour Law Consultant

Expert in Japanese Corporate Culture

Multinational, Top Management Experience

Rita Katona

Senior Consultant

General Affairs

Public Relations

Top Management Experience

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