Biohacking 1.0

General information about the in-person trainings of the BAC Eduline, concerning our company’s CORONA VIRUS MEASUREMENTS:

  • Our training room has high interior height and the most modern ventilation system.
  • Before entering the training room, a hands-free hand sanitizer equipment is available for use for the participants, as well as for the instructors.
  • We provide for the participants and the instructors masks, free of charge.
  • During this pandemic situation, we are holding our trainings in small groups, consisting of a maximum of 12 participants, in order to be able to ensure the safe physical distance in the room.

Our Adult Educator Institution is fully prepared – considering the current pandemic situation – to switch from the in-person training form to the online form at any time.

Our company is a registrated Adult Educator Institution (Adult Education registry number: B/2020/001617).

Biohacking 1.0

Length of training:

3 days of modular training (number of training hours / day: 5 hours)

Short Description:

We recommend this training to you if you are striving to improve your body and health in a holistic and effectice way; you are open-minded and interested in the achievements of the most modern scientific researches. The training consists of 5+1 moduls during which we explain the results and achievements of the most modern scientific researches in the topics of biohacking, healthy lifestyle, evolutionary remedy, intermittent fasting and entrainment. In the last modul we provide a summary of the most common illnesses that possibly occur when the formerly mentioned lifestyle is not followed. Those illnesses are the several types of metabolic-diseases, diabetes, cancer, circulatory disorder, Alzheimer’s disease and others.

Our Lecturers:

Judit Herman

Language of training:

Hungarian / English

Type of training:


For more information about the start of the training and the application process, You can contact us on the followwing e-mail address: