Biohacking 1.0

During this training session we shall approach the related topics from a biohacking, life-style point of view, rather than a medical aspect. Our presenter is not a medical doctor, but a certified nutritional consultant, wellness trainer, biohacker, certified trainer and aerobic teacher, who is trying to experience the newest research results published by the research institutes with the highest prestige on her own body.


She graduated from ELTE, Faculty of Humanities (have 2 MA diploma), and has a significant experience and practice in this topic. She also published numerous publications and books related to the life-style theme. She is also working together with leading medical doctors from several areas in order to spread information on the newest medical research results within the professional and general society.

Modular training: 2 days of training (number of training hours / day: 5 hours)

The purpose of the training is to help the interested participants in developing a healthier lifestyle by applying a global approach, using a synergic effect, not taking out the elements of the health consciousness of their context.

The training consists of 5 modules, during which we shall explain the results and achievements of the most modern scientific researches in the topics of biohacking, healthy lifestyle, evolutionary remedy, intermittent fasting and entrainment.

Judit Herman (certified nutritional consultant, wellnes trainer, coach, biohacker, certified aerobic teacher)


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Hungarian / English


In case of Hungarian presentation: 67.500 HUF + VAT

In case of English presentation: 152.000 HUF + VAT

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