Corporate Training Consultant

We recommend this training to you if you are an experts who is handling corporate trainings and/or an HR experts who would like to see and understand the training system and the related processes from the point of view of the global HR system and network in its context.

Corporate Training Consultant traning: 2 days of training (number of training hours / day: 5 hours)

During our training, we present the processes, tasks and documentation of an ideal corporate training system from the planning phase to the correct way of measuring of the training


We also explain the internal and external responsibilities of the company regarding the training of their employees, focusing on the related labour law regulations and the most efficient ways to comply with them.

We place the training system and the related process within the corporate operation and we also contribute to securing the synergy through presenting the development of the correct linking between certain HR systems and processes.


We also help defining the place trainings occupy in the company and its optimal characteristics with regards to the corporate (national) culture.


We present the major aspects for the optimal work-out of the training budget.


Furthermore, we explain the process of the training planning, the requirements of the training documentation and we are also helping in the planning and measuring of the training efficiency.


We also touch upon the concrete relation between the training system and other important HR systems and its correlation.

Monika Balogh


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In-person / Online

Fee of the 2 days of training: 132.500 HUF + 27% VAT

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