BAc & Company has introduced its CSR program in 2012. We started to implement two programs paralell.

We believe, that nowadays in the world of globalization processes and high speed developments the education of people in their early stage of life is crucial. Therefore, we aim children and juvenile with our CSR program who shall be the next generation of innovative employees and individuals.

In the course of our activity, we provide support in two levels:

In every business year, our company management choose one local small sized company and provide its consultation services to them free of charge, as a donation. We help to review, renew and improve the choosen company’s organization, reduce operation costs and adopt the company to the new challenges of the global economy. We are considering continous small innovations and renewals of company operation and internal structure as key elements of business growth, and so we help to reach it.

On the other hand, our company regularly provides education and training programs for children by experts from different fields of professions. We are also commited to support local schools and various education institutes both through support of knowledge and financial help.

We, at BAc & Company strongly believe, that the closer we live together and work in synergy with our social environment and future partners, the better we can serve the interest all of us.

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