Employee Evaluation System

BACSystems Employee Evaluation System

The functions of the system

Evaluation sheet - sample

With BACSystems EES

The evaluation of the performance of the employees is fast, easy and efficient!

Main characteristics:

Follow-up of the evaluation

Special functions of BACSystems Employee Evaluation System

The most objective evaluation possible

  • The evaluation system contains customized HR tools, that ensure the objectivity of the evaluation and the integration of the client’s organizational characteristics and actual challenges into the evaluation process

Blue-collar, white-collar and grey-collar employees can be evaluated by different criteria

  • The goals, competencies and it’s weighting according to the given employee group, etc. can be adjusted freely
  • The system operates three evaluation system simultaneously


  • The system attracts attention with an error message to any possible filling out mistake or missing information

Language settings for multinational companies

  • The evaluation database, evaluation sheets and the summary page of the evaluation results, etc. can be set and displayed in two languages (English, Hungarian)

PDCA, easy follow-up

  • The automatically created statistics can be found in the Statistics panel

Labour compliance: 100% (customized legal regulation to cover the legal aspects of the evaluation process)

Structure of the global evaluation system

What does the BACSytems EES system contain?

  • Special HR tools that make the objective evaluation possible
  • Employee evaluation system
  • Evaluation sheet containing the company logo
  • Education material for the evaluators (if needed, education and mediation too)
  • Evaluation guide for the employees
  • 100% compliance with the Hungarian labour law, working-out and writing down the regulations of the company evaluation
  • Follow-up, statistics, additional developments, evaluation-evaluator meetings, mediation
  • Every element of the evaluation system can be customized in accordance with the client’s needs
  • Data security

BACSystems Evaluation system professional offer:

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