Establishment and Management of Business Relationships Between Foreign Cultures

We recommend the training to businessmen who, within their own country, would like to begin and develop business relationships with businessmen and enterprises belonging to other cultures OR if they specifically would like to enter the market in another country.

1 day training (number of training hours / day: 5 hours)

The objective of this training is to introduce those who are interested to the characteristics of business communication with another culture. This curriculum includes negotiation skills, business protocol, quotation, presenting, cultural and business compliance with applicable legal and supplemental conditions, basic knowledge on “after 5”, cultural differences for social gatherings outside of working hours that are extremely important in the course of business (we know of countless cases where a business’ success or failure lies within the effort of proper intercultural preparedness). We make absolutely certain to highlight the units on what is culturally allowed or forbidden, the typical cultural specialties in a customer-supplier relationship, and the overall cultural characteristics of the business relationship.

Over the course of the training we shall go through each and every item from the establishment of the business relationship to the signing of the contracts, followed by guiding you through the cultural differences and specifics during the stages of maintenance and follow-up.


We draw your attention to the major cultural traps and sources of conflict in our Intercultural-communication study guide.

• Japan (in Japanese, Hungarian and English)


• Spanish speaking South America (in Spanish and English)


• France (in French and English)


• Germany (in German, Hungarian and English)


• India (in English and Hungarian)


• Sweden (in Swedish, Hungarian and English)


• Denmark (in Danish, Hungarian and English)


• Norway (in Norwegian, Hungarian and English)


• Scandinavia (in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian and English)


• Hungary (in Hungarian and English)


• Poland (in Hungarian, English and Polish)

Our trainings are held by anthropologists, sociologists, intercultural management experts, teachers, journalists and educators who, in addition to their degree, have in-depth personal experience of the specificities of the given culture and the nature of intercultural conflicts.


For more information about the lecturers, please visit the Experts and Lecturers page!


In-person / Online

Training in Hungarian language: 185.000 HUF + 27% VAT


Training in foreign language: 230.800 HUF + 27% VAT

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