Excel for All

We recommend this training to you if you have been using Microsoft Excel on a user level at your workplace for a while now, but you did not have the time or the opportunity to deepen your Excel knowledge; and/or you would like to get to know the functions, tools and application possibilities of the Excel programme beyond the general level or on a higher level of consciousness.

Excel training: 1 day training (number of training hours / day: 5 hours)

With this training we would like to prepare the participating colleagues to be able to use the Excel smoothly and effectively utilizing its functions in an optimal way.


The purpose of the training is to provide the participants with a knowledge and skillset that makes it possible to use the Excel’s particular functions beyond the general level.

Zoltán László Perjési


For more information about the lecturers, please visit the Experts and Lecturers page!



In-person / Online

Fee of 1 day training:  79.500 HUF + 27% VAT

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