Excel for Executives and Managers

We recommend this training to you if you are a corporate executive or manager, who would like to use all the functions, tools and possibilities that the Microsoft Excel can offer, in order to increase the efficiency of the corporate management.

Training for Executives and Managers: 1 day training (number of training hours / day: 5 hours)

One of the purposes of this training is to get to know exactly what kind of Excel knowledge you can expect from your employees or subordinates and where the Excel’s limits as a work-supporting tool are.


We are also introducing how Excel can support the managerial decision-making process spectacularly and easily.

With this training we are exploring the boundaries of Excel in order to be able to define exactly when processes built on Excel cost us the efficiency of our operation and to assess the limit until we can safely rely on this program.


The Excel knowledge does not stop at the functions of the base package. With creating and implementing macro we can achieve a significant increase in efficiency and it is also possible to create full applications with Excel. We shall introduce several examples during the training, which you can easily utilize thenafter.

Zoltán László Perjési


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In-person / Online

Fee of the 1 day training: 89.500 HUF + 27% VAT

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