Experts and Lecturers

Dr Balázs Kiglics


Managing Director / Consultant Partner

HR- and Labour Law, Corporate management consultation, contracts, public relations

Before starting to work as a consultant, worked for more than 5 years in the public sector in the fields of legal codification and legal administration. Afterwards operated as manager, senior manager and strategic consultant in multinational enterprise environment.

After finishing the law at University of Pécs worked in several legal, HR and GA related fields and gained experience at different foreign and domestic companies.


Monika Balogh

Expert and Lecturer

Operations Director / Senior Consultant / Partner

Expert of Intercultural Management (Japanese), Certified Labour Law Consultant

Has more than 20 years’ experience in Japanese corporate environment as top manager, consultant, intercultural management coach and lecturer.

Has a wide-ranging relevant professional practical experience in Japan, Hungary and other European countries.

As a candidate of ELTE PhD program is researching the intercultural relations of Japanese industrial enterprise culture for her dissertation.

Dr Gyula Berke

Expert and Lecturer

Labour law professional / Lecturer

Teaches labour law, European labour law and social insurance law at the Faculty of Law of University of Pécs. During his career worked as associate professor, rectorial advisor, vice-dean and also dean. Operated as a member of the professional codification committee, which prepared the Labour Code coming into effect in 2012. Still contributes to the activity of the labour codification work committee.

He is also presenting regularly at national and international labour law related conferences; he has a wide research activity as well, which is focused on the above described areas.

The Intercultural Management lecturers are holding the trainings in cooperation with Interlanguage Ltd.

Dr Zoltán Bankó

Labour Law Lecturer

Operates as associate professor at the Department of Labour Law and Social Insurance Law (Faculty of Law, University of Pécs). Also participates in several other labour law and legal trainings.

His research field is European and Hungarian labour law.

Dr Zoltán Petrovics

Labour Law Lecturer

Operates as associate professor at the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies of the University of Public Service Ludovika and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University. Between 2012 and 2022 he was a member of Sectorial Participation Committee.

After finishing his PhD worked at the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, the Ministry of National Economy and at several law firms.

Judit Herman

Certified Nutritional Consultant, Wellness Trainer, Biohacker, Certified Trainer, Writer

Spent more than 10 years in the non-profit sphere, then pursued research and writing activity. Has several publications and books in the topic of life-style and life management. Parallel to this she held and is still holding B2B and B2C trainings.

Has obtained 2 MA diplomas at Eötvös Loránd University.

Zoltán László Perjési

MS Excel Expert, Trainer

Has a close to 30 years of experience in the usage, programing of Excel and also in teaching of those. Since Excel is applied at the small and big-sized companies as well as at multinational companies, during many years of practice he has obtained a comprehensive, wide-ranged and deep knowledge of this program via his personal experiences and the demands of his clients.

Is keen on pass over his professional knowledge in a good atmosphere through unique trainings with a focus on the less-known functions, tips and tricks.

Judit Perjési

Labour Affairs, Payroll, Social Insurance Expert, Trainer

Has 25 years of comprehensive professional experience both in practice and theory in this professional area. Since 2015 offers professional support for several clients from her own company operating exclusively in the field of payroll.

Gained experience as a trainer at Officially registered and accredited trainings and Payroll courses. In 2019 received the 2nd place of the National Payrolling Championship, in 2020-2021.

Orsolya Szilágyi

Intercultural Management Lecturer (expert of Norwegian culture)

Has been working with the Norwegian language, culture and experiencing the way of life in Norway for more than 20 years. In the course of her work came into close contact with Norwegian working and corporate culture, and had the chance to get a deeper insight into the visible and invisible differences of Norwegian and Hungarian mindsets with the presentation of which she is helping to those, who are planning to enter into cooperation in the field of work in the future.

Studied at Eötvös Loránd University and at the University of Oslo in Norway.

Laura Bíró

Intercultural Management Lecturer (expert of Danish culture)

As a teacher, has prepared several people for life in Denmark over the past 11 years, not only linguistically, but accompanied and followed by their integration into a very different Danish working culture. As an interpreter, spent over 8 years at a multinational company, that transferred medical products, knowledge, and machines to Hungary: the Danes taught the related processes to Hungarians, and she was fully present at the entire transfer process on both sides experiencing and interpreting cultural differences in the meanwhile.

Dr Beáta Kakas

Intercultural Management Lecturer (expert of Indian culture)

As a Hindi and Urdu language expert, has interpreted on various levels of courts, police stations and government offices in Hungary for many years, working also for the UNHCR and the Helsinki Commission. Organized by the Hungarian Reformed Church and the Emmanuel Hospital Association, she trained doctors to perform their missionary tasks in Indian hospitals more smoothly, providing them with cultural and language knowledge.

Currently working as an Associate Professor at University of Miskolc and Gate of Dharma Buddhist College.

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