Intercultural management crash course

We recommend the training to companies where the communication with foreign clients, suppliers and partners constitutes a major part, both in time and content, to the operation of the company; OR


if the composition of the company’s management or workforce deals with a significant foreign presence, and the company, above all, must introduce its employees to the main features, the greatest differences, and the basic protocol and etiquette of the other culture as soon as possible.


We recommend your company’s enrollment in this training if your employees, suppliers and customers are of one and same nation needing intercultural coaching (meaning representatives solely of Hungary or the other nation.)

Intercultural Management Crash Course: 2 days of training (number of training hours / day: 5 hours)


The number of training days will be finalized according to the needs of the company.

The training addresses the differences between the two cultures, typical conflicts and challenges arising as a result of those in terms of certain elements of corporate operations, protocol and etiquette, laws and regulations, as well as management just to offer suggestions on how to resolve such conflicts in the end.

Over the course of the training we shall discuss the cultural characteristics from the cultural perspectives of the given (one) nation systematically and in depth, considering all relevant aspects of the operation of the company.


In all cases the contents and shaping of the training is tailored to the individual needs of the company by taking into account the characteristic of the workthe management tools used, the correspondence between the representatives of the two cultures, as well as the specific problems and challenges the company currently faces.


The emphasized goal of the training is the ability to recognize and sensitize the differences between cultures, which is why we incorporate and work through situational exercises, situation analysis film excerpt analysis and so on.

• Japan (in Japanese, Hungarian and English)


• Spanish speaking South America (in Spanish and English)


• France (in French and English)


• Germany (in German, Hungarian and English)


• India (in English and Hungarian)


• Sweden (in Swedish, Hungarian and English)


• Denmark (in Danish, Hungarian and English)


• Norway (in Norwegian, Hungarian and English)


• Scandinavia (in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian and English)


• Hungary (in Hungarian and English)


• Poland (in Hungarian, English and Polish)

Our trainings are held by anthropologists, sociologists, intercultural management experts, teachers, journalists and educators who, in addition to their degree, have in-depth personal experience of the specificities of the given culture and the nature of intercultural conflicts.


For more information about the lecturers, please visit the Experts and Lecturers page!


In-person / Online

Training in Hungarian language: 192.500 HUF + 27% VAT


Training in foreign language: 239.500 HUF + 27% VAT

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