Executive / Special Associate Search

BAc & Company provides headhunting services adjusted to the special requirement of non-Hungarian companies.

For foreign companies it is always more difficult to hire appropriate personnel, especially for key-positions and leader positions. There are two significant difficulties when trying to find the best candidate to such positions. None of them is the language barrier itself, but rather the cultural differences – well-known by most companies – and the change of general behavior while speaking in a foreign language.

Everybody has experienced that the way of communication and usual behavior is influenced by the level of knowledge of a certain language, and also – more significantly – the image of the output language, culture and actual situation. This leads to appearing different from the original personality at the interviews and interactions cause serious misunderstandings and misjudgment of the candidate’s character.

BAc & Company is ready to help our clients with the interviews in the candidate’s mother tongue to make a clear picture of his/her personality. We also assist you in foreign language interviews to judge candidate’s language skills and communication level.

We help you find the best person for your open positions with our special system prepared for more than 100 types of positions.

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