Labor law and HR consulting

All of our main staff members have several years of experience in labor law, and some have a certificate in labor law. It is important to note that in case of Labor Law, real practice and detailed rules are mainly regulated by Court law in Hungary, therefore exact and real life labor law solutions can show high level of variety within the borders determined by the written text of the Labor Code.

We are proud of it that our main consultants participated in the employers’ lobby activity of the new labor code, led by foreign multinational companies and chambers of commerce. One of our colleagues is a member of Steering Committee of Hungarian Business Law and Ethics Research Institute. Lawyers specialized in labor law also strengthen our team. We provide fully comprehensive labor law consulting services for daily matters, long term decision background, new systems implementation and application of the new Labor Code.

We have consultants with 10 years of experience in top management positions in multinational (mainly Japanese) companies as HR managers, Administration managers, management consultants and member of the Board. Therefore, we possess a deep knowledge of structure, operation, cost attitude and priorities of multinational companies.

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