Labour Compliance Audit

Why we recommend

  • Verification and validation of suppliers
  • Support of management change projects
  • Regular review of operation
  • Prepare for customer audits
  • As part of your efficiency improvement projects
  • Assess possibilities for cost reduction
  • Ensuring compliance with labor law
  • Elimination HR issues
  • For continuous improvement
  • Employer branding

Subject of the audit

  • Organizational health
  • Labour compliance
  • Correspondance to organizational goals
  • Cost optimization
  • Efficiency


LCS offers companies a global solution for developing a continuously evolving, efficient and system-centered enterprise operation. We combine approaches of CEOs, lawyers, experts, the creators of the market soft law with modern management tools to provide a solid foundation to provide solutions for your problems.

Labour Compliance Solution... we make it possible!

  • Hard and soft law high compliance
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Legal implementation of internal regulations
  • Identifying the root of the problems
  • Utilization of development potential
  • Organizational health


The first certificate of Labor Compliance Audit in Hungary

LSC audit, easy, clear and sufficient

Make it visible that your company

  • corresponds to legal requirements
  • is transparent and well-functioning organization
  • strives for efficient but employee-centered operation
  • is constantly evolving
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