We recommend this training to you if you are planning to reduce your headcount and would like to get help in finding how to execute a layoff properly in compliance with the labour regulations, without any major legal or HR problems.

Layoff: 1 day of training (number of training hours / day: 5 hourss).

The purpose of our training is to help you in finding the proper methods, that would allow you to execute a layoff procedure in the most efficient way, in compliance with the labour law, without any major legal or HR problems.

We are going to walk you through the whole proccess from planning phase to follow up, showing you examples and case-studies with the help of which it shall become possible for you to recognize the risks and prepare for the possible problems.


We are going to introduce to you also the best practices in order to execute the process of layoff in the most humane way and minimize the legal risks.


On the training, we shall answer the question whether the planned reduction of headcount counts as layoff in legal terms. We shall also explain, when, what and how you need to communicate with the relevant parties (authorities, unions, workers’ council and employees). We will also talk about the restrictions and prolongation regulations of contract termination, the cost planning of the layoff, the equal treatment issues during layoff, the follow up and helping your employees in finding a new job.

Zoltán Petrovics Zoltán, Monika Balogh


For more information about the lecturers, please visit the Experts and Lecturers page!


In-person / Online

Fee of the 1 day of training: 68.500 HUF + VAT

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