LCS Audits

The content of LCS

  • Labor compliance audit service: increasing operational efficiency.
  • Audit: regulatory compliance & business risk reduction, modern management.
  • Workflow management: standardization, pokayoke functions, business risk reduction.
  • Compliance software: a combination of knowledge, experience and expertise. Soft skill support: leadership trainings, trainings.

Organizational purpose of Labour compliance audit

  • Why is it better to apply a holistic approach to the organization’s labor law related, labor administration related, HR and management functions?
  • The implementation of strategic goals at workflow level is necessary for a healthy and efficient organizational operation is.
  • Reviewing and rethinking the corporate value chain leads to market competitiveness.
  • Builds an innovative mindset.
  • Allows for quick but informed decision-making.
  • Root-level exploration results in planned risk reduction and / or cost reduction.
  • Supplier and employer branding.

The definition of LCS

The LCS corporate governance audit program examines the operation of the company from a professional, labor legislation, management, market, and ethical perspective. It aims to examine if the audited company’s practice is in compliance with the legal regulations and market requirements regarding the several functions, processes, documentation and resources. The audit helps capitalizing the opportunities provided by the law, to identify and provide appropriate basis for remedial action in accordance with the company’s objectives, interests, and policies.

Focus of the LCS

  • Values
    – Strategic ROI
    – Operational and administrative efficiency
    – Source optimalisation
  • Compliance
    – Compliance with legal and organizational regulations
  • Risk
    – Operational, legal, HR and other

Subject of the audit

  • The existence of particular systems (standard, automatic, controlled, uniformity of control practices, discrepancies, best practices, etc.).
  • Proper and adequate monitoring (existence, suitability and utilization of KPIs).
  • Suitability, efficiency and the ability to develop.
  • Consistent connection with other systems.
  • Compliance with the targets and policies of the company.
  • Specific tasks and problems.
  • Market positioning.

We recommend it for

  • Verification and validation of suppliers
  • Employer branding
  • Support of management change projects
  • Annual review of operation
  • Prepare for customer audits
  • As part of your efficiency improvement projects
  • Assess possibilities for cost reduction
  • Ensuring compliance with labor law
  • Elimination HR issues
  • For continuous improvement

Company size                                                                               
1-50 pers.

Cert Audit                                                                                                     

On the job audit program                                                                 2-4 days

Price                                                                                         1 860 000 HUF

Annual Review audit                                                                920 000 HUF

Renewal audit in the 3rd year                                              1 560 000 HUF

Premium solution                                                                 4 315 000 HUF
cert audit program + 2 year review + renewal audit

Company size                                                                             51
-350 pers.

Cert Audit                                                                                                       

On the job audit program                                                                5-12 days

Price                                                                                            4 870 000 HUF

Annual review audit                                                                   920 000 HUF

Renewal audit in the 3rd year                                               3 870 000 HUF

Premium solution                                                                 11 298 400 HUF
cert audit program + 2 year review + renewal audit

Company size                                                                                 
350+ pers.

Cert audit                                                                                                         

On the job audit program                                                                   14+ days

Price                                           For detailed quotation, please contact us!

Annual review audit                                                                 2 500 000 HUF

Renewal audit in the 3rd year                                                9 430 000 HUF

Premium solution                                                                  16 792 000 HUF
cert audit program + 2 year review + renewal audit

Regarding the detailed conditions, execution plan, schedule of the Labour Compliance Audit, please contact us on the following e-mail address: 

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