Living and working in foreign culture

We recommend the training for all who are interested in settling and / or employment in another country.


If you have ever wondered what it would be like to communicate with foreigners and if you are perhaps considering moving and working abroad our training was meant for you!

2 days of training (number of training hours / day: 5 hours)

We help you to get to know the cultural differences, you might encounter when meeting your selected culture. We show how you can integrate into the culture of your choice seamlessly with as little conflicts as possible. We provide insights into the rules and regulations of settling and working in the country of your choice.


The purpose of our training is to introduce you the necessary information regarding employment and the way of life in a foreign country. We help you to achieve a balanced, successful, and satisfied lifestyle in another culture.

Participants of this training shall be introduced to everyday life, as well as the basic etiquette and protocol knowledge needed to integrate into the workplace, lifestyle attributes and tricks and also cultural peculiarities.

• Japan (in Japanese, Hungarian and English)


• Spanish speaking South America (in Spanish and English)


• France (in French and English)


• Germany (in German, Hungarian and English)


• India (in English and Hungarian)


• Sweden (in Swedish, Hungarian and English)


• Denmark (in Danish, Hungarian and English)


• Norway (in Norwegian, Hungarian and English)


• Scandinavia (in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian and English)


• Hungary (in Hungarian and English)


• Poland (in Hungarian, English and Polish)

Our trainings are held by anthropologists, sociologists, intercultural management experts, teachers, journalists and educators who, in addition to their degree, have in-depth personal experience of the specificities of the given culture and the nature of intercultural conflicts.


For more information about the lecturers, please visit the Experts and Lecturers page!


In-person / Online

Training in Hungarian language: 85.500 HUF + 27% VAT


Training in foreign language: 118.700 HUF + 27% VAT

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