Modular HR and Labour Law

We recommend this training to you if you have relevant qualifications and/or have professional experience in the fields of HR and/or Labour law.

Modular training: 9 days of training (number of training hours / days: 5 hours)

We shall give you a deep-rooted support for creating and managing legally compliant, automatized and highly effective HR systems with combining theory and practice.


We combine legal approach with system-base and process-base management-approach in order to create a more holistic view of the application of the labour regulations as organic parts of the company operation.


With regards to the HR and corporate management aspects, our goal is to introduce solutions that ensure that the labour law regulations can be kept more easily, providing a base for the employer in finding and implementing the most suitable and most beneficial legal solutions.


We are proposing solutions for reducing and eliminating all the labour law risks with presenting the importance of the labour law compatible systems’ checking points and pokayoke solutions.


We offer system-base solutions for the emerging questions.

With combining theory and practice, we offer a coherent knowledge that can be used well in daily practice in the fields of Labour law, corporate management and HR.


We provide solutions for handling specific cases through presenting concrete and conventional examples so that every co-worker in every field can make the same decision and so that this decision will be a good one.


In a process-base and system-base structure, we explain the labour law regulations adjusted to this structure (we take as a basis not the setup of the Mt (Hungarian labour code), but certain elements of the corporate operation, we follow a structure built upon this)


Beside introducing the content of the Hungarian labour law regulations and the legal theoretical background, we also explain the practical importance of the related regulations.


We are applying the „Medical horse” approach, in other words we are explaining the most frequent mistakes, problems and fields that have business risks in accordance with the corporate systems and processes.


We are not solving the problems individually, instead we make it possible the automatic handling of these problems with our unique process-based approach.


In regards to the special circumstances most employers currently have, we give a separate outlook to the adequate and legal methods and models of special labour situations and problems the corona virus created.

Gyula Berke, Zoltán Bankó, Zoltán Petrovics, Judit Perjési, Monika Balogh


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In-person / Online

Fee of the full, 9 days (9 module) long modular training: 417.500 HUF + 27% VAT.

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