Modular Intercultural Management

We recommend the training to companies where the communication with foreign clients, suppliers and partners constitutes a major part, both in time and content, to the operation of the company; OR if the composition of the company’s management or workforce deals with a significant foreign presence, AND


You would like your company’s employees, suppliers and customers of several / all nations (e.g.: Hungarian colleagues separately, French colleagues separately and a mixed group in the final module) to be trained to carry out quality cooperation within an intercultural environment, a quick resolution and prevention of potential conflicts, and to design and operate the most effective multicultural corporate management.

Modular Intercultural Management Training: 3-5 days of training (number of training hours / day: 5 hours)

The key objective is to introduce the cultural roots, phenomena and differences from the aspect of management in order to bring individual groups of national workers closer together to ensure smoother workflow.

The training addresses the differences between two cultures, typical challenges, conflicts arising as a result of those  in terms of certain elements of corporate operation, protocol and etiquette, laws and regulations, as well as management in order to finally offer suggestions about how to resolve such difficult situations.


In the course the training members of both nations receive sufficient information on the other nation, based on the main features of their own culture.


The first two modules of the training, in terms of contents and methodology are each other’s mirrors with the same corpus but meant for participants of different nationalities.


According to our recommendation, in order to achieve greater efficiency all employees involved in intercultural communication and work – regardless of their nationality- shall participate in the training in order for each culture to connect as effectively as possible and to be able to cooperate over the course of their corporate management and work.


In all cases the contents and shaping of the training is tailored to the individual needs of the company by taking into account the characteristics of the work, the management tools applied, the correspondence between the representatives of the two cultures, as well as the specific problems and challenges the company currently faces.

• Japan (in Japanese, Hungarian and English)


• Spanish speaking South America (in Spanish and English)


• France (in French and English)


• Germany (in German, Hungarian and English)


• India (in English and Hungarian)


• Sweden (in Swedish, Hungarian and English)


• Denmark (in Danish, Hungarian and English)


• Norway (in Norwegian, Hungarian and English)


• Scandinavia (in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian and English)


• Hungary (in Hungarian and English)


• Poland (in Hungarian, English and Polish)

Our trainings are held by anthropologists, sociologists, intercultural management experts, teachers, journalists and educators who, in addition to their degree, have in-depth personal experience of the specificities of the given culture and the nature of intercultural conflicts.


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In-person / Online

The training cost of the Modular Intercultural Management training is finalized after the assessment of the client’s requirements and needs has been executed.


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