Remuneration management

We recommend this training to you if you are an HR expert, HR manager, or Remuneration expert.

Tematic training: 2 days of training (number of training hours / day: 5 hours)

The goal of our training is to introduce the remuneration management as inherent corporate management and HR tool in its complexity.


Crucial part of our remuneration management training is the legally compliant methods and solutions for company remuneration, as well as the typical mistakes and legal risks we experience day by day on the labour market, including issues related to equal treatment.

We are applying a system- and process-based approach.


In order to ensure the remuneration management to be an integrated part of the corporate management and company operation, we apply a system-based approach for remuneration system as a part of the global HR system. Rephrasing that, we present the focus points, steps, elements and processes of the remuneration management system taking in consideration the compatibility and connection with the individual HR processes and systems.


We are introducing the creation and implementation, and the revision process of the remuneration management from the beginning to the end.


We are also explaining the elements of the remuneration management from the payroll site as part of the budget planning process


In the closing module we are also introducing the development process of the career management system.

Judit Perjési, Monika Balogh


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In-person / Online

Fee of 2 days of training: 132.500 HUF + 27% VAT

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