The idea behind our new business approach lies on realizing a huge gap between traditional consulting services and the real needs of multinational companies. Firstly, this gap stems from a general difference between theory and practice. Secondly, from the fact, that multinational companies have a very special company culture, with its characteristic values, priorities, decision making processes.

In order to truly understand this culture and to meet the special needs arising from it, we need to experience it and work with it ourselves for a few years.

Our experienced team aims to cover the gap between theory and practice, and provide a wide range of high-quality services with full responsibility for our customer’s goals.
We have extensive experience and knowledge in Japanese-style corporate culture and management.

We also have profound expertise in the automotive industry and we are familiar with the application and integration of enterprise management systems and tools such as ISO / TS16949, ISO 14001, TPM, kaizen, 5S, lean management.

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